Chief of Molecular Biology MSc:
      Attila Tóth M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Division of Clinical Physiology)

Chief of Biochemistry-Genomics Specialization:
      Viktor Dombrádi M.Sc.,Ph.D., D.Sc. (Department of Medical Chemistry)

Announcement for Weszprémi-award, József Török-award in the 2019/2020 academic year


Academic program for credit system
      year of enrollment: 2017
      year of enrollment: 2018
      year of enrollment: 2019
      year of enrollment: 2020




      First year
      Second year


      First and second year


      First year 1st semester                 Work and Fire Safety
      Second year



      2nd semester first and second year together


Final Exam

      "A" part topics
      "B" part topics
       Deadline for submission of "B" part topics: along with Thesis at the latest
       NeptunAdministrationRequest: "AOK  MSc in MB Final Exam B questions"


       Registration for State Exam Deadline: 1 April / 1 November
       NeptunAdministration→Final exams: "ÁOK MSc in MB state exam" + current term

Deadline for submission of the degree thesis: 15 April / 15 November
       The deadline for submission may be extended with up to 2 weeks, upon which the related fee – determined in the Student Fees and Compensation Regulations of the University of
       Debrecen – shall be paid.

       Degree theses shall be submitted in a printed form in two+one copies (two paper+one CD) to the Registrar’s Office, with the signature of the supervisor and head of the Educational
       Organizational Unit, and the seal of the institution.
       The degree thesis shall be uploaded in an electronic format after its defence, to the Electronic Archives of the University and National Library of the University of Debrecen (DEA).
       The following shall be attached to the thesis:
                      - a summary of the degree thesis bearing the name of the author and the title (separately)
                      - the student’s declaration that the degree thesis is his/her independent work (inside Thesis)


       Requirements for format and content - according to the specifications of TDK

       Title page (inside the front of the Thesis, second right-hand page) and the cover



       The procession  of the state exam:

       There will two types of themes („A” and „B”) You have to pick one question, both A and B themes. After that you have one hour to work the chosen questions out.
       Then you have to defend your thesis. For that you have to make a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation needs to be copied on a pendrive and you have to bring it
       to the state exam with yourself.
       After you finished your thesis defense you can start your oral exam with your worked out questions. If you want to start with B title or A title or the other way around
       it is completely up to you. 
       As soon as you finished the oral exam the committee ask you to leave the room. During that time the state exam committee will evaluate your thesis defense and
       your oral exam. After the state exam committee made their decision you will be informed about your exam grades, and your diploma's qualification.


       Qualification of the degree


Exam course (2020/2021/1.):

            Cell and Organ Biochemistry (AO_MBE_CBI02)


Exam course (2019/2020/1.):
            Proteomics (AO_MBE_PRO04)


Exam courses (2019/2020/2.):
            Biochemistry of metabolism (AO_MBE_ACS01)
            Gene Expression Regulation – Functional Genomics (AO_MBE_GES03)
            Cell and Organ Biochemistry (AO_MBE_SBK02 and AO_MBE_CBI02)
            Radioisotope Techniques in Biomedicine (AO_MBE_ITE01)



       Rules and Regulations For English Program Students